Curriculum Overview

Eureka Middle School courses are locally designed using state and federal standards. Any specific questions about a course should be directed to the classroom teacher or building principal.

Daily Courses 5th - 8th Grade

English Language Arts


Physical Education


Social Studies

For course specific curriculum pacing guides, click here.

Fine Arts

5th & 6th grade students all participate in band or general music. 7th & 8th graders can enroll in band or chorus as an elective. 5th & 6th graders all participate in art for 6 weeks during their explore rotation. 7th & 8th grade students can enroll in art courses as electives.

Explore (Elective) Courses

In 5th & 6th grade, explore hour is focused on improving individual skills in math and reading, as well as study skills. 5th graders also participate in DARE during explore hour.

7th & 8th grade students are allowed to sign up for explore courses. The philosophy of 7th & 8th grade explore is to provide a wide variety of quarter-long courses that give students experiences that may lead to further education or even a career in that field. Students can choose courses in art, foreign language, science, horticulture, and computer programming.

A full listing of explore courses and their descriptions can be found here.

Advanced Courses

Using classroom grades, teacher recommendation and NWEA MAP Growth data, EMS advances students in math who are considered ready are enrolled in pre-algebra for 7th grade and algebra for 8th grade.

Response to Intervention (RtI)

All students at EMS are part of the RtI process. This process is procedure for monitoring students' mathematics and reading levels and ensuring all students are receiving quality instructional opportunities. If a student is not reading or performing math at grade level, the student may be provided additional minutes of instruction.

The RtI process is also used to provide students additional social/emotional or behavior support. Just as with an academic deficit, students will be provided addition minutes of instruction and/or supports when needed.