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What's Up with Drama?

posted Dec 5, 2016, 9:12 AM by David Tapp   [ updated Dec 5, 2016, 9:13 AM ]

Article by Annika Myers and Sophia Meister

Remember those plays you saw in grade school that you thought were so cool because high schoolers did them? Well, the time has come for Ms. Zeman’s Drama class to put together the annual children’s plays. The drama class presents two performances, both are dramatic representations of children's books from everyone's childhood.

In performance order, The Rainbow Fish follows the story written by Marcus Pfister, and The Mitten, by Jan Brett. The drama class wrote the scripts and conducted auditions within the classroom. Every student worked hard to make these productions as professional as possible and really make these plays fun.

The Rainbow Fish adaptation is a tale about a fish and his adventure to find happiness. Rainbow, played by Kelly Knapp, must visit three aquatic gurus and find the secret powers of sharing, helping others and patience. She is guided by her friend Starfish (Grace Scott) to visit these three in the form of quests. First Rainbow helps the war veteran, Jellyfish (Nick Knappenberger) clean his house even though he is difficult to get along with. Then she ventures to the old ship yard to assist Hermit Crab (Annika Myers) find her shell. There, Rainbow learns patience from the crabby French crab. Lastly she goes to the kelp cave, where the wise Octopus (Andrew Flanigan) encourages her to share her scales with Blue fish (Rachel Meyer) and the other fish (Macy Littell and Alexis Nohl).

Macy Littell, Annika Myers, Rachel Meyer and Grace Scott worked tirelessly to create a fun rendition of The Mitten. They adapted the children’s book, The Mitten by Jan Brett into a 10 minute play. The Mitten is a Ukrainian Folktale written and published in 1981. The play features Macy Littell, Kelly Knapp, Alexis Nohl, Nick Knappenberger, Rachael Meyer, Sophia Meister and Annika Myers. The director is the wonderful Macy Littell.

The basic plot of the story is about a little boy named Nikki who wants his Grandmother, Baba, to knit him white mittens. The only problem is that Baba is afraid he will lose them in the snow, but she goes along with him anyways and makes the white mittens. As foreshadowed, Nikki loses one of the mittens in the snow. Woodland animals make their way through the forest and snuggle into the mitten for warmth and shelter. Soon the bear sneezes, and all the animals scatter into the woods. During the night Baba sees that the animals came in and got the mitten from inside the house, so she knits all of the animals winter clothes.

The show dates for the children’s plays are December 14 and 16. The Davenport Elementary school comes over to the high school during the school day on the 14th and the Drama Class goes to the Congerville and Goodfield schools on the 16th.