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Vocal Valentines

posted Feb 2, 2017, 5:26 AM by David Tapp

“Make You Feel My Love”

By: Emmanual Blakes

Roses are red; violets are blue; pink is the color you’ll be, while they sing to you. Vocal Valentines are a special activity for Eureka High School’s Chorale. On Valentine's Day, the select number of students who were accepted into the a-capella group, tour around the school serenading those who bought a Vocal Valentine for a friend, sibling, girl or boyfriend and even a favorite teacher.

How do you buy one of these “Vocal Valentines” you may ask? The week before Valentine's Day, beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 7 through Thursday, Feb. 9 (or until they sell out), Chorale will sell these at lunch.

When you buy a Vocal Valentine, you have several choices to make: 1. Choose the person you want to send it to. 2. Choose the class hour you’d like it sent. 3. Choose if you’d like the person to know whom it’s from. 4. Choose if you’d like full group song or solo songs. 5. Choose to write a personalized note. 6. Choose to purchase a button! A new addition to the Vocal Valentines! 7. And finally, choose the best song for the occasion.

No matter the purpose behind your purchase, Vocal Valentines are meant to brighten the day of the receivers, and by brightening the day of the receivers, the Chorale group will accept the warm feeling in their hearts dedicated to this specific event. A sneak peek of some songs include: “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” “Love Is An Open Door,” and the F.U.N song from Spongebob.

Junior Chorale member Kate McCabe said, “I’m excited to participate for the first time. I think it will be really fun. I hope we are able to make people smile.” Not only smiling but laughing, crying and blushing are all actions that take effect as the members sing out to the loved ones on this very special day.

A multiple-time beneficiary, Parker Williams, stated, “The Vocal Valentine that I received was very memorable. It was a scene of traumatization, and the mixtures between tears and laughter. It was really sweet, but I turned really red.” She added later, “I'm in a glass case of emotions.”

John Keats once said that “Love is two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.” The act of Vocal Valentines are a very memorable and heart-warming moment in the eyes of the faculty, students and Chorale members of Eureka High School. So get yours next week!