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Type One into Type None

posted Oct 6, 2017, 7:31 AM by David Tapp

Type One Into Type None

Two girls take on fundraising for Type 1 diabetes

By Maddie Skelton

Type 1. One mission. One walk. Seniors Parker Williams and Kate McCabe began their fundraising for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in August. Both girls wanted to start a fundraising team for a while.

Kate said that one of her main reasons for starting a team was because Ray Hughes, a sophomore from Eureka High School, was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and his family decided to create a team. Kate said, “I would be supporting Ray too, not just myself”. Kate was diagnosed with type 1 on Aug. 20, 2006. She was only six years old.

Type 1 diabetes currently has no cure. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is trying to find a possible cure for type 1. Parker said her main reason for raising money was because of how much the foundation does to get closer to finding a cure. Type 1 diabetes does not receive a lot of awareness, which means the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk was important to Kate and Parker.

Parker and Kate’s mission was to raise at least $1,000. They ended up raising a little over $1,300. To raise money, they made and sold t-shirts, sold signs for lockers with an encouraging message, and took any donations.

The walk was on Oct. 1. Kate and Parker’s team, Try-N-Betus, participated in the walk. Kate said that the atmosphere of the walk was, “supportive and friendly.” People at the walk understood what Kate was going through and were just as passionate as her about the cause, which she said was a special experience.

Some of the highlights of the walk for Kate were being with her friends and family, the amount of support she received, the beautiful weather, talking with different people, and lastly, receiving balloon swords.

Kate and Parker plan to continue fundraising for the foundation.