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Trained and Available

posted Oct 6, 2017, 6:56 AM by David Tapp

TA: Trained and Available

By: Lena Zimmerman

Willing, trained, available and respectful are ways to describe a Teacher’s Assistant, TA. Teacher’s Assistants help grade papers, copy papers, make quizlets and give out passes.

Senior Tamra Edelman, a TA at Davenport said a TA is defined as, “Someone who helps out a teacher with various different tasks which include grading papers, making copies, and anything else needed to be done.” As a TA for Mrs. Seim, she enjoyed walking over to Davenport most because her niece is in the class and she gets to see her every day. Tamra loved to interact with the children in the classroom as much as she a could.

Junior Malea Cottrell enjoyed the TA hour because she got a period where she could kind of relax. “I like the break in the day from all of my classes. I also like how it allows me to do any homework I forgot about,” Malea said.

Junior Grace Ulrich, a TA for Mrs. Chapman, said, “The thing that I enjoy most about being a TA is the student's reaction when I walk into the room. They all say, ‘Grace is here!’ and some like to tell me about their days. Most of the time, I also get hugs as I’m leaving.”

“TA’s should be able to sub for the class they are in if the teacher is gone that hour. I know that’s a little far fetched but it’s an idea and also not all student are irresponsible,” senior Tori Taufer said. She thought that a TA should be able to sub for the class because when they TA for a teacher, they are pretty much doing what a teacher does.

A TA helps the teacher with responsibilities that need to be done for the classroom. TA’s should be prepared and reverent to each person in the school. “A good quality TA is someone who is always there and at the ready for whom every they are a teacher assistant for,” said Tori.