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"Tis the Season

posted Dec 1, 2016, 1:26 PM by David Tapp
By Kaylee Elko and Meghan Mathews

As the holiday season ‘wrappidly’ approaches, everyone starts to get in the holiday spirit. Each individual celebrates the holiday season differently, especially at Eureka High School. Senior Keaton Greene celebrates by, “Hallothanksmas with my grandparents. It’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in one. We do it because my grandparents leave for Arizona the week after Halloween, so we celebrate all the holidays the week before they leave.”

Science teacher Mr. O’Hanlon celebrates in a way that is probably more common than most people think. “Before I was married I had a tree that was about 3 feet tall, and I decorated it once, put it back in the box, and year after year I pulled it back out and just stood it up in the corner of the room. Simple and easy.”

Taking a new spin on the celebration for the holiday season around EHS as well is Key Club, as they host what is called “Santa’s Workshop” which takes place this Saturday from 9-12 at Davenport. Senior McKenzie Walz gives us a little more insight to the event. “We decorate the cafeteria to look like Santa’s workshop and we set up different stations with different games and activities. We are even able to have Santa come and meet the kids, which they really enjoy. My favorite part is that all the members of Key Club get to dress up as elves. Last year I wore socks that had bells hanging off the side. It’s hilarious to see everyone get so into it”.

To say the least, Eureka High celebrates the holidays in various ways, but it seems to be that EHS knows how to get in the holiday spirit.