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Tie Tuesday

posted Feb 24, 2017, 5:54 AM by David Tapp

Tie Tuesday

By: Sophia Meister

It's always professional to wear a tie, but is this level of suave appropriate in school? Absolutely! Tie Tuesday is a student operated activity that started last year when seniors Ben Kruger, Kade Schoch, Titus Williamson, Aaron Leman, Daniel Grady, and graduate Jaron Maddox decided that Eureka High School needed some more class. It mostly spread by word, and students were curious as to why so many peers looked so smart on Tuesdays. One of Eureka’s fashionably dressed freshmen, Nathaniel Aikman said, “I like looking good on Tuesdays, I like ties, and Ben Kruger inspired me to do it. We are good friends and he’s the one who made me want to do it.”

Tuesday is that awkward day of the week; why not spice it up a bit? “It’s the fact that you can look good, and it makes me feel better. There are studies that show that the better you feel during a test, the better you do,” sophomore Wyatt Moser reflected. Students who regularly participated could all agree that they felt more confident sporting their sophisticated style.

“It’s really fun to make memories with all your friends that come and wear ties at school.” Sophomore Roman Bauman expressed the importance of a lasting impression on the student body. “I think that it’s going to build memories that we're going to have twenty years from now at our class reunion.”

So gather your squad to look “on point” on Tuesday. Not just guys can wear ties, anyone can! Students, faculty members, even your cat look elegant with a tie. Dress for success, as the saying goes. “Just put a tie on,” sophomore Connor McClain encouraged. “Put a button down shirt and a tie on, and see how it goes…see if you like it.”