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The Biz with the Wiz

posted Sep 10, 2015, 1:16 PM by Courtney Lowe

By: senior Amanda Pippin, Journalism editor

On Thursday, Sept. 3, “The Wizard of Oz” cast and crew held the first rehearsal for the fall musical. Meeting first in the music building, every member of the production joined to play a few spirited rounds of an icebreaker game. Later, in the auditorium, the cast and crew completed a read-through of the script’s first act.

“I think it’s a classic show. Everyone loves a classic show,” Ms. Zeman, one of three co-directors, said. “I think what we have planned as far as sets and costumes is going to be very visually appealing and just all around great fun for families.”

Senior Matt Wilder added, “I want to bring my unique, special voice for Oz because I feel like it fits his character well but still makes him different from the movie.”

Sophomore Emma Paul took the opposite view, saying, “I hope to bring a really positive, kind of happy attitude like she [Glinda] has in the movie. I’m so excited about it because she’s such an iconic character. Everybody knows who Glinda is.”

Junior and resident Cowardly Lion Ashlyn Sizemore stated the best thing about the musical is “working with the people I love from band and chorus. It is great getting to know everyone in such a relaxed environment where you can feel free to let loose, be yourself and have fun doing it.”

Senior Emily Ferguson said, “I want to truly bring Dorothy to life. I want to be able to make her a dynamic character with emotions and complexity. The last thing I want to do is make her a cheesy character who follows all the stereotypes of a farm girl.”

Come see our students defy expectations in “The Wizard of Oz” on Nov. 13 and 14 in the EHS auditorium.