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Smells like Teen Spirit

posted Sep 28, 2016, 5:30 AM by David Tapp

By: Sophia Meister, Journalism staff

Who Are We? Hornets! Class games, Wednesday, Sept. 21, started off with a hurrah with the announcement of the Homecoming king and queen. The crowd cheered when seniors Luke Lockart and Audrey Jones were declared the royalty before the court.

Despite the event being moved to the gym because of imminent weather, the games continued as scheduled. Students braved the sweltering heat, and the freshman and senior class teams began the first game, the obstacle course. The junior and sophomore classes then followed. Junior Quincy Boschulte commented, “It was funny watching people run after getting really dizzy,” referring to the first part of the course which required spinning on a bat ten times before running around multiple cones.  

Students then got sporty with the football toss. Teams tossed the ball under and between their legs to the waiting student behind them. After reaching the other end, the ball must return in the same manner. There were many times the ball had to be sent back to the beginning because it had dropped on the floor.

The team's strength was tested when the tug-o-war rope was brought out. Sophomore Macy Littell shared her thoughts. “The seniors dominated; our poor sophomores were up against people like (Senior) Nick Wells and Big U (Senior Clayton Ulrich).” She continued by stating that sophomore Darcy Goede “...gave it her all to the very end, even if the seniors had the upper hand.”

The crowd’s tense composure equaled the strain put on the rope, and even senior Jaden Wadas knelt down and shouted encouragement to fellow classmate, Clayton Ulrich, as he crawled the seniors to victory against the comparable sophomore team.

The final game could relate to those who are late to school in the morning. Students were required to dress themselves speedy-quick in a football helmet, pants and a jersey before taking off to the opposite side of the gym. Junior Kery Bello expressed her displeasure as she explained that “Some people didn’t put everything on correctly.” Surely these students would be dress coded if they ran into school with their pants around their ankles.

After the games were graciously ended early, the doors were clogged with students anticipating the cool hallways. Seniors had won overall and reaped the consequences of their excitement when they cleaned up the piles of orange paper they had thrown in celebration. Students were out in a jiffy, anticipating the rest of homecoming weekend to come.