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Sink or Swim

posted Sep 15, 2015, 1:10 PM by Courtney Lowe

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By: junior Hanna Gerber, Journalism editor            

    After practicing since June, the girls swim team was ready for their first meet against U-High. “Guys,” Coach Lefty spoke, “I want to be able to say I beat U-High, like actually beat them.” After coach was done giving his speech about winning, the girls went to relax before the meet began.

    About five minutes before the first event, Lefty regathered the ladies for the “pre meet” talk. He was so excited that he took a bite out of a girls’ sandwich before expressing his excitement about a prospective win. 

    The meet opened powerfully with the 200 medley relay taking first place, crushing U-High’s relay.

    EHS junior Hanna Gerber and freshman Grace Ulrich battled it out in every race. Gerber soared through the 50 free and the 100 free with Ulrich right on her tail. 

    At the beginning of the second half, Metamora trailed by seven points. Sophomore Kelsey Alderson (Metamora) beat her competitors in the 500 free, building Lefty’s hope for a win. 

    Gerber and Ulrich finished out the meet in the 400 free relay together. In the end, while Metamora did expect to beat U-High, they unfortunately lost by just seven points with a score of 88-95. 

    “For my first meet, I think it went really well,” Ulrich commented. “I’ve never been so excited to lose,” Lefty yelled. “You guys swam really hard tonight, and the season is just getting started.” 

    The ladies take on Washington on Sept. 22 at Five Points.