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R-B/E Soccer Makes Goals

posted Sep 23, 2016, 5:34 AM by David Tapp   [ updated Sep 23, 2016, 11:58 AM ]

By: Emmanual Blakes, Journalism staff

On Monday, Sept. 19, The Roanoke-Benson-Eureka soccer team lost an ¨intense and very well-fought game¨ against the Princeton Tigers (3-2), as senior Titus Williamson said. ¨I personally think that as a team, most of us fought to the best of our abilities.¨

Jake Weber, a Roanoke-Benson competitor, scored both of the crowd-shocking goals. Junior Emmanual Blakes’ first shot reflected off of the goalie, so Jake Weber finished the goal. Weber’s second shot was said to have been volleyed in the goal off of his left foot after dribbling around multiple defenders.

“Both shots were well-planned and well-executed,” said senior Daniel Grady.

In terms of size and speed, both teams were equally matched throughout the battle. “We put in a lot of effort, and the other team was well-prepared and worked well together,” said senior Kade Schoch.

Of the Tigers’ shots, nearly half came from outside the goal box. Goal Keeper, junior Matt Bachman, rejected a whopping six shots but unfortunately couldn’t defend three well-shot goals.

On the defensive-half, the team had a great number of ‘clears’ and passes for the most part.  On the offensive-half, the Rockets’ struggled to keep the ball, but that didn’t stop the midfield from trying their hardest and always pressuring the ball.

As the team continues to pursue the hopes of winning many more games throughout the season, they could always use a little bit more motivation from friends, family, fellow players and fans!

The soccer team thanks everybody who attended the Homecoming soccer game. Continue to cheer on the Rockets as they fight through the season with each and every game.