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Pep Assembly

posted Sep 24, 2015, 1:17 PM by Courtney Lowe

By: senior Mady Reese

On Friday, Sep. 18 the students and teachers got pumped up for homecoming week with the annual pep assembly. To get everything started, eight students from each grade competed in a scavenger hunt finding things like socks, pencils, and headbands. Seniors started off with the lead and were able to maintain their position until the game was finished.

“My favorite part was the scavenger hunt, that was funny!” freshman Tyler Berry said. The assembly also included the dress up days for homecoming week: Monday, follow the yellow brick road/yellow day; Tuesday, twister day/crazy day; Wednesday, which witch is which/twin day; Thursday, character day; and Friday, green and bling day. The Closest to Home teams were then introduced and gave a brief explanation of what they would be doing throughout the week, including bake sales and t-shirt sales that benefit different organizations.

Some new additions to the assembly were fall captain speeches. Captains from all the fall sports teams named off their team and gave a brief summary of what the teams are participating in throughout their season. Students also got to watch performances from the dance team, cheerleaders, and the marching band, all of which will perform at the homecoming game on Friday, Sep. 25. Students were introduced to their 2015 homecoming court, voted on earlier in the week. Ending the assembly, the marching band played the school song as the dancers and cheerleaders lead the crowd in getting pumped for homecoming.

“Overall I thought is was a great way to pump everyone up for homecoming!” said freshman Alison Nohl.