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New Spanish Teacher

posted Oct 6, 2017, 6:50 AM by David Tapp

Doing What She Does Best

Ms. Toering’s passion for Spanish shines in the classroom.  

By Logan Plattner

Ms. Katie Toering’s passion for teaching and the ability to lead students to success in the classroom has been shaped over the past 13 years while teaching at other schools. Ms. Toering, a new member of the Eureka High School faculty, teaches Spanish 1 and Spanish 4; however, there is much more to Ms. Toering than being the teacher in Room 113.

In middle school and high school, Ms. Toering’s fervor for Spanish was ignited as she enrolled in as many Spanish classes as possible. She attended middle school at Thomas Metcalf School, and it was here that she began to take Spanish classes. “I started taking Spanish in sixth grade at Metcalf,” said Ms. Toering. Two years later, Ms. Toering graduated eighth grade and started to attend University High School. Her love for Spanish was clearly displayed in her schedule during her high school career. She said, “At U-High, I took a Spanish 2, Spanish 3, and a college Spanish course.”

The next sequential step in Ms. Toering’s life was attending college. After graduating from U-High, Ms. Toering chose to continue her education at Dordt College.

Initially, she did not plan on majoring in Spanish. Ms. Toering said,  “I planned on teaching middle school, and I just really liked Spanish so I kept taking classes because it was something I enjoyed.” However, in her junior year of college, Ms. Toering learned that if she took a couple more classes she could graduate with a degree in Spanish and education. Not surprisingly, she elected to take the classes and graduated the spring of the next year with the ability to be a Spanish teacher.

Ms. Toering immediately put her degree to use and has worked at five different schools since. Before coming to work at EHS, she worked at Spalding High School for one year, at South O’Brien Secondary School for 11 years, at Cedar Ridge Elementary for a half year, and at Normal Community and Normal Community West High Schools for a half year.

Embarking on her 14th year of teaching, Ms. Toering began to teach here at EHS, and things have been off to a great start. She said, “I love [EHS]. The students are all wonderful, and the staff is amazing, supportive, and friendly. It feels very family-orientated and homey.” After former Spanish 1 teacher, Mrs. O'Donnell, pursued a teaching opportunity closer to home, Ms. Toering came alongside, EHS’s long-time Spanish teacher, Mrs. Axelson and revamped the Spanish department.

If one sees Ms. Toering outside of school, she will most likely be spending time with her family. She said, “Family is really important to me. It is one of those top priorities-- I have God and then family comes after that.”

Ms. Toering has two sons that go to Washington Central; their names are James, who is 13 years old, and Lincoln, who is 8 years old. James and Lincoln are involved sports, Tae Kwon Do, Awanas, and youth group at their church. When Ms. Toering has few minutes where she isn’t busy grading papers or being a mom, she enjoys baking, gardening, reading and watching movies.

Ms. Toering’s passionate, positive, family-orientated and caring attitude is a perfect fit for EHS. Her eagerness for students to learn and be successful in the future shines bright in her classroom.


From all of us at EHS, Bienvenido.