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Making a Racquet

posted Sep 30, 2016, 8:00 AM by David Tapp

By: D.B., Journalism staff member

“Now announcing the first ever EHS Varsity Tennis Team!” shouted the announcer during the Fall Showcase.This is the first-ever Eureka High School tennis team.This sport was founded by Danielle Blankenship with the help of Mr. Greene.

During her junior year of high school, Dani made it a point to create a tennis team. With hard work and determination, the team was created. Mr. Greene helped approve the team by the board, and in the fall, tennis became a sport.

It was challenging, however, to find girls that were interested in tennis, but with great ambition and a little recruitment, a team formed.

This team consists of eight girls plus their tennis manager. Dani persuaded her catering boss to coach the tennis team. Little did she know, Coach John Boswell had played racquet ball in the past and knew exactly how to improve the girls’ techniques.

The team has competed in five matches. Senior Danielle Blankenship #1 and junior Sydney Silverthorn #2 singles strive to play their best at all times.

Sophomores Macy Littell and Abbey King also play singles. Macy and Abbey expressed their love for tennis. “We love singles because it is just you and the other person. As the player, you have total control of the next move you are about to make. We also enjoy the sport because it is easy to learn from your mistakes.”

For doubles, sophomore Marah Miller and junior Nikki Kuhns play well together. Nikki and Marah stated, “We are good partners because we get along well and have played other sports together. We know how to communicate towards each together during a match. It is awesome!”

Junior Albany Taylor and freshman Maddy Farney also play doubles. Maddy said, “I love that I can depend on another person for their support on and off the courts.”

Maddy and Albany have developed a strong bond as doubles partners this year. Sectionals will take place on October 15. Come support the EHS Varsity Tennis Team as they compete against the best of the best, and don’t let those skirts fool you; Eureka Tennis is ready to compete!