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Lighting Up the Field

posted Oct 5, 2016, 8:37 AM by David Tapp

By: Naomi Kupferschmid, Journalism staff

And the Hornets are in the lead! With a score of… does that say 28 or 18? With the growing frustration of not seeing the score clearly on the scoreboard, EHS has finally gotten a new scoreboard up and running.

The new scoreboard, installed in time for the Homecoming football game, is the newest addition to the football field. The location of where we acquired the new scoreboard is in Quincy, IL. Coach Jason Bachman heard about the scoreboard company at a football camp over the summer.

The new scoreboard was funded by generous donations from businesses around the community and the CUSD 140 Sports Booster Club. This gives multiple businesses the chance to show support to our high school programs.

Mr. Wherley stated, “The scoreboard is a nice addition to our current facilities that enhances our entry into a new conference.”

Senior Tyler Haerr said, “The scoreboard is nice, but it will be hard adapting to turning the other direction to see the score.”

A new and different feature that the new scoreboard has that the old one didn’t is a video board so they can play animations, commercials and advertisements.

“We will be able to highlight our students by showing videos and pictures of them during the game and at senior night,” Mr. Wherley also said.  

Senior Allen Lehman simply stated,”I think it’s dope.”

The old scoreboard, purchased with Coca Cola and sponsor money, was installed in 1994 and is starting to fall apart. Along with the scoreboard being old, it is also very hard to find replacement parts that will fit into that particular scoreboard.

            So come on out to the next football game to see what this scoreboard is all about!