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Just Another Game

posted Sep 23, 2016, 9:47 AM by David Tapp

By: Logan Kennell, Journalism staff

Friday Night Lights. This is a popular phrase for schools all around the country to describe football, and Eureka is no different. Tonight, Friday, September 23, is the Eureka High School Homecoming football game against Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley (GCMS).  

The Hornet football team is looking for a repeat win like last year’s Homecoming game, especially after a lot of hype coming from the 47-0 dismantling of Fieldcrest last Friday.  

However, GCMS (2-2) is no joke and should not be taken lightly. “I expect it to be a dogfight to the very last snap,” said senior captain Jaden Wadas. “GCMS is a very good football team, and we will have to execute everything in order to be victorious.”  

Senior captain Aaron Leman also added, “I expect it to be a close game and that it will be up to whichever team does more right.”

Coach Jason Bachman added that, “GCMS is a great football team with some outstanding athletes. We feel like if we play the way we know we can, we will come away with a victory.”

Other players, for instance senior captain Wyatt Myers, hopes for better than a close game. When asked what he hopes for the game, he responded, “We could shut them out and score more than 50.”  

Wyatt and others foresee a victory but all made sure to add the fact that this will only happen if they play like they did against Fieldcrest and meet their goals on offense and defense.

Senior captain Keaton Greene mentioned these goals when he said, “We have goal sheets each week coach gives to us for offense and defense, and we believe if we get those done we will win.”  

Before each game, a senior does the team ritual for the season. This was described by senior captain Matt Hoelscher who said, “Before every game a senior will give a speech to motivate the team and remind them that we are the best. Then he smashes a stone with the other team’s name on it to symbolize us smashing our opponents.” This is used to get the team pumped so that they can go out and perform at a high level and with great confidence.

With the game being the Homecoming football game, many would think that the players would feel more pressure to perform, but that is not the case. While each senior captain mentioned how it would be nice to win this game because it is Homecoming, they all continued by saying that it is still just another game and that they need to play at a high level and that if they do win, then the victory will just be a little sweeter. They also mentioned how it would be nice to give the fans an exciting performance and do even better than last Homecoming.

When interviewing Coach Jason Bachman, he responded to the question of how he has prepared this team by saying, “We have approached it like any other game; we focus on getting better each rep, each practice, and each game.  Each game is important when you focus on your goal of making the playoffs.”  

The game will be played at the Eureka High School football field at 7:00 pm on Friday, Sept. 23.  It would be great to have the bleachers packed full to support our football team.  The support is greatly appreciated as Jadan Wadas said, “The outpouring of support from the community as a whole is incredible and makes all the sweat, blood, and pain worth it to hear the cheers of the crowd and see full bleachers and packed fences no matter where we are at.”