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Indoor Soccer

posted Feb 21, 2017, 7:30 AM by David Tapp

Keep on Kickin’

By: Logan Kennell

For Eureka High School soccer players, soccer is often a year round sport that moves indoors for the winter. Every year, some of the players make a team and join the Morton Park District Indoor Soccer League in Morton. This league is composed of teams in the Peoria area such as Washington, Morton, Tremont and others. There are three sessions, each being six games over two months, that start in November and end in April.

For the session that has just ended and the one starting February 26, the team is called It’s about to get Messi, named after famous soccer player Lionel Messi. Senior Kade Schoch, captain and creator of the name, named the team after his hero. “Coming up with a team name is part of the fun. I came up with It’s about to get Messi because it is fun and most of our team loves Messi.”

The team is composed of nine EHS students who enjoy playing soccer. While most of the players played soccer in the fall with the school, indoor is just a way to continue playing; for senior Tommy Standish, indoor soccer is a way to be able to get back to a sport he loves. “I played soccer up until high school in which I decided to do cross country instead. I really missed soccer though, and indoor has given me the ability to play again. I really enjoy playing and it is a great way to spend a few hours of my Sunday evenings,” he said.

While many stereotype soccer as being slow-paced, low scoring and boring, none can say the same about indoor soccer. Played on a field similar to the shape of a hockey rink, the games are up tempo and high scoring. “I like how the field is smaller so the play of the game moves faster. Goals are scored more often and it makes the game more fun to play,” said sophomore Gavin Ludeman.

Another major difference from outside soccer is that in indoor, the sidelines lined with dasher boards and a net above. The ball is in play unless it hits the net, so for skilled indoor players like junior Hunter Miller, the boards can be used to their advantage as they try to get past a defend or create a scoring opportunity. “I like kicking the ball off the walls to make scoring chances. Having the walls also allows you to not have to worry about passing it out of bounds so you can focus on movement and making the correct pass.”

Come out to support the team for their first two games Sunday, February 26 at 8:30 and 9:15. Games are played at the Recreation Center/Indoor Soccer Facility in Morton.