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I Hear EHS Singing

posted Oct 7, 2016, 8:44 AM by David Tapp

By: Kate McCabe, Journalism editor

As the 2016-2017 school year began, Eureka High School students faced numerous new situations. They were introduced to the freshman class, initiated into advisory period, and inducted into a new sports conference. In addition, the familiar halls of EHS would soon be filled with a new sound, the 2016-2017 Chorale.

Directed by Spanish 1 and chorus teacher, Mrs. Kate O’Donnell, chorale is an auditioned choir which consists of seventeen members. The club is open to all grade levels; however, members must have previously completed or be currently enrolled in a year of concert choir.

This year, only two freshmen, Celeste Anderson and Andrew Flanigan, were selected to be a part of the elite ensemble. Celeste describes her emotions throughout the auditioning process: “I was intimidated by the upperclassmen and didn’t think I would make it, but when I saw that I had, I was like ‘Wow, I must be pretty good!’” With this boost of confidence, Celeste mentioned how excited she was to be a part of such a talented group of singers.

Likewise, Mrs. O’Donnell commented, “It’s always exciting to work with a new group! I’m looking forward to seeing what this year’s chorale will accomplish.”

Every Friday morning, Chorale sings the National Anthem over the intercom for the entire school to hear. Mr. Thomas Hantak, the high school’s new Chemistry teacher, explains his thoughts on the subject: “By singing the National Anthem each Friday, it allows the members more ownership in their group and at the school. In my experience, students tend to get more out of school or a class when they take some ownership in it. It also provides them with a practical application of their talents.”  

Chorale is a positive influence not only throughout the high school but throughout the community as well. Earlier this year, during homecoming week, Chorale sang the National Anthem at the community pep assembly. Also, when the weather turns colder, Chorale spreads cheer during the holidays by going Christmas caroling.

Junior Emma Paul, who has been a member of Chorale since her freshman year, recalls Christmas caroling as her favorite memory: “We stopped into one of the local shops and actually made a woman cry. It was an indescribable feeling.”

Whatever their task and wherever they may be, Chorale is sure to brighten someone’s day with a smile and song. The new voices will make for a fresh, unique sound that is sure to be just as beautiful as it has been in previous years. The talented team is made of five sopranos, five altos, three tenors, and four bases. With such a composition, the group is sure to produce an impeccably balanced, rich, sound. Be sure to catch the 2016-2017 Chorale perform for the first time at the EHS Fall Choral Concert in the auditorium on Thursday, October 13th at 7:00 pm.