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Homecoming Football Game

posted Oct 4, 2017, 5:50 AM by David Tapp

Homecoming Excitement Leads to a Hornet Win

Hornet football captures a great homecoming win, beating the Mustangs 35-16.

By: Natalie Bardwell

The night had only just started when the excitement began. The fans were decked out in their green and white apparel. The Mustangs were playing tough defense, but the Hornets would not give up. The crowd stood on their feet and cheered as senior quarterback Jake Bachman maneuvered his way into the end zone for the Hornets’ first touchdown of the night.

“When I scored, I knew we were going to win,” said Jake.

All week the excitement for the homecoming game had been brewing. The students at Eureka High School had been showing their support, hoping for a Hornet win.

“Everyone was pumped and ready to see the boys win the game,” said senior Kery Bello.

The Hornets were coming back from a loss to a tough Gibson City team the previous week. However, they did not let the loss affect the way they played Friday night.

“After the loss the week before we looked at the scoreboard one more time and pushed it out of our minds. Our boys knew they could play better so we just took that motivation and put it into the next week. I thought our guys were able to execute that well as shown by a good win against Ridgeview,” said Coach Jason Bachman.

They surely did execute well, with two touchdowns from junior Jonah Hahn, two from Jake Bachman, one from senior Tanner Gladson,  and making two big reception plays from senior Jake Steffen and junior Alex Brittain.

At halftime, the energy was high as the Hornets led the way 28-0. The fans were happy to see the boys playing together and having fun.

“It was so amazing to see everyone come out and support our boys, including people that don’t normally come. I loved seeing all the school pride and it made me feel proud to be apart of our community,” said senior Karly Lawrence.

With it being a homecoming game, the halftime agenda had a lot more in store. Homecoming attendants all lined up to be announced in front of the community.  With smiling faces, they made their way down the line.

“It was pretty surreal to me realizing I am a senior. It made me see how much I am going to miss Friday night football games,” said senior attendant Lara Wuethrich.

Following the announcement of homecoming court, the cheer team performed their stunt routine for the first time at the game. They had been preparing long and hard for their performance, and it paid off in the end. They hit every stunt and danced to the beat of the music.

Finally, it was the time of the night for the band to perform. Friday night was the first night they had performed the entire show, and many people were excited to see it.

“It went really well! It was nice to finally be able to perform the whole thing and see what we still need to work on. There was also different things we added that people didn’t see coming, which just made it a lot better,” said sophomore Shelby Stoner.

As soon as they were done, the football team rushed out onto the field to start the second half. The fans stood on their feet and cheered, excited to see what would happen in the next 24 minutes.

At first, the Mustangs looked as though they were going to come back. They had scored two touchdowns and a two-point conversion making the score 28-16 with the Hornets still in the lead.

The Hornets would not give up so easily, though, as a touchdown would then be scored by Tanner Gladson to gap the Mustangs 35-16.

“At that point in the game we were not playing like we should and I was very angry. Coach Bachman gave me the chance to run the ball so I took it and ran as fast as I could to get our team back on track to winning the game,” said Tanner.

The Hornets fought till the very last second securing another homecoming win. Cheers erupted from the stand as the community celebrated. For most, it was the perfect ending to their homecoming week. As Wendy would have said, “It was a great day to be a Hornet!”