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Highlight of the Week

posted Oct 6, 2017, 6:45 AM by David Tapp

The Highlight of the Week

Students of all ages coming together to kick-off the mentoring program

By: Olivia Peterson

For many children, having someone to interact with is a very important part of their lives. Being able to play games and learn from older students can really help a child’s social skills and intelligence level. What matters the most is knowing that at least once a week, the students can talk with someone that they know cares about them. The mentoring program is an amazing way to spread love, and in the last three weeks, the program starting spreading it.

On Sept.18, the high school mentors went to meet their mentees for the first time. Every year, they kick off the meet and greet by doing a few activities and playing a few games.

“My favorite part of it all was that we were able to play games and see the kid’s true personality out of the classroom,” senior Natalie Bardwell said.

The few games they played required them to talk and interact physically so that they could warm up to each other.

After the games were over, the children at Davenport participated in a craft where they drew a village on a poster. Inside the village were all of the things the kids wanted to live with, and on the outside were the things they disliked or thought were scary. “It was so cool to be able to see their imaginations at work when they were drawing buildings and people. It was a neat way to kind of stay behind the scenes while learning more about what the children enjoyed,” senior Baylee Baxter said.

Not only was this a productive event for the kids, but the high school students also benefitted from it. “It is good practice for us to have to deal with younger kids and to have to bond with children that are from different stages of childhood,” senior Joe Troyer said. The high school students become attached to their mentees, and they become a special friend that they always want to be there for.

The mentoring kick-off was a great start to the year and an awesome way to get the kids excited. Over the next few months, the mentees and mentors will meet up once a week to play games or do homework. Some kids take more warming up than others, but once they become comfortable with one another, their bond truly becomes something special.