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Going Once...Going Twice...SOLD!

posted Sep 15, 2015, 1:23 PM by Courtney Lowe

By: senior Kaitlyn Rocke, Journalism editor

Hands went up. The price skyrocketed. Finally, the auctioneer brought the bidding to a close. On Thursday, Sept. 10, the annual FFA labor auction took place. It provided an amazing experience for FFA and community members alike. When the final school bell rang, the FFA officer team sprang into action. 

Vice President Luc Messer explained, “I even got out early to go set up the sale barn.” After loads of preparation, the fun filled evening began. 

During the live auction, there were 63 FFA members who were sold for eight hours of free labor. 

“I was glad that I was able to support the FFA,” member Amy Quast said. 

The live auction, with items sold from local businesses,  yielded more than $21,000. During the free meal, which was served before the auction, donations were collected with a total of $995. 

The FFA labor auction is a big source of income for the year. Advisor Amanda McClure declared after the auction, “...every year I am blown away by the support of our community.” FFA looks forward to the coming year and future fundraisers.