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posted Oct 4, 2016, 1:39 PM by David Tapp
By Parker Williams, EHS Journalism contributor

“Despite everything you’ve been told, you can be brave beyond what others believe you to be.” These are some of the inspiring words revealing themselves in this year’s band performance.

The 2016 Marching Hornets have something new in store this season. Coming back from their exciting seventh place finals finish at Downers Grove with their show, “What if?”, the bar was set high. Though thirty-one freshmen fill up a roster of ninety-one, their success has yet to be thwarted. Mr. Todd Stalter, the band’s director for the past twenty-five years, discusses the realities this has brought among the group.

It takes longer to teach and learn drill because it is a new thing to so many people,” he stated, “but the great thing is that all the new students play well, have excellent attitudes, and want to be a superior group. As we go along we are certainly getting better.”

This being said, the group will meet and go beyond the expectations set for them. An enormous part of their perseverance to work throughout the season has been influenced by the choice of musical show, “Shine”. Upon being asked why the show was chosen for this year, Mr. Stalter commented, “It has a really positive message, something that I wanted my band to take to heart. Being a light in the world is hard sometimes, but it is necessary, and as long as we are, we can help someone or something be better.”

Though the competitions are just starting to pick up, freshman clarinetist, Celeste Anderson, is one of the many players moved by the beauty in the show.

“It has definitely changed my perspective of band,” she smiles. “It has shown me to shine in the dark places, and shine like the day. I feel like it’s telling me to shine in band, where there needs to be more light.”

With this show comes many new technological advances and a new take on what it’s like to be in marching band. Senior tubist, Titus Williamson, wants to use these new aspects to a whole new level in his final year with the Marching Hornets.

“This season I hope to perform under the lights at ISU,” he said. “I feel like this show overall is a call of arms of the school. With words such as ‘lend the world your light’, it’s hard not to be inspired to go on and do greater things.”

The music itself has brought beauty into the group and will continue to shine light into the hearts and minds of the audience. So far, the band has been awarded best color guard, percussion, drum majors, and first place at the Washington Panther Invitational, and best percussion, wind, and overall winners of class 1A at the Pontiac Indian Showdown. With four competitions left, the band will not disappoint. Join them on their journey to “shine in the dark places” this year, and perhaps lend the world some of your own light.

The Marching Hornets won first in their class, best percussion and best color guard at Dunlap’s competition on October 1.

Come support the Marching Hornets as they compete at one of their biggest competitions of the season at Downers Grove on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 4:45 P.M.