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End of Season

posted Dec 5, 2016, 8:28 AM by David Tapp

The final practices have ended. The uniforms have been turned in, and the cleats cleaned of mud that caked up at the last game. This is the end of the season. No matter what sport you play, it happens to everyone.

Cold, fall football nights on the field turn to hot, winter basketball games in the gym. The fans adapt easily. They find new names to chant and new records to memorize. As long as the parents get to cheer for a Eureka team, they are content either way.

But where does that leave the players? For some, the end of one season means the beginning of another one. Almost immediately, senior Kade Schoch, who has participated in both soccer and wrestling for all four years, said,  “I pretty much have to jump straight into wrestling. I have maybe two weeks before our season starts up.”

Unlike Kade, some people look forward to a little bit of free time as fall wraps up. And well deserved, too. Senior Aaron Lehman said, “Football guys work hard all through the season, but I’m glad to have some time off.”

After becoming state champions, the volleyball players are also planning on winding down after the post season. “As a team, we always make sure to try and get together as much as possible and make sure to keep good up with each other throughout the year,” Maddy Steinbeck commented.

Not to mention yet another postseason “run,” this time for the girls cross country team, Emma argo explained, “It’s nice to go home and relax. I hang out with my friends more because I have extra time on my hands. Then, at the start of next year I start training for track.”

For some like Emma, the season never ends. Freshman soccer player Ashton Hubert said, “I am now looking forward to the indoor season (soccer). After that, my club soccer team starts up in the spring! The time that I get to relax is mostly in the summer.”

Whether wrestling, soccer, or any of the fall activities,  you can be sure that this is a time of change for all of EHS’s athletes.