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Daring and Dauntless: Domination of the Dress Up Days

posted Oct 7, 2016, 8:40 AM by David Tapp

By: Ashlyn Sizemore, Journalism staff

This year for homecoming week, Sept. 19-23, Eureka High School knocked the dress up days out of the park. From pajamas on Monday to green and bling Friday, the students went above and beyond.  Freshman Celeste Anderson started off the week with a bang as she rocked her Buzz Lightyear onesie.  

“I liked seeing everyone else’s pajamas,” Celeste said. “It shows that everyone cares enough to dress up and show appreciation for their school.”

On Tuesday, sophomore Macy Little made “Merica Day” with her red white and blue apparel.  “I enjoyed the really funky socks and being silly and funny with school spirit,” Macy commented. “With homecoming, you can either choose to have fun and be happy...or just not. Why choose to be miserable when you can have fun on homecoming week??? I also really enjoy mardi gras beads…,” she added with a smile.  

On Wednesday, the seniors killed it at class games with their victory, wearing orange from head to toe, and Thursday brought a flash of professional sports teams and a rivalry of Cubs and Cardinals apparel from both staff and students.    

On Friday, the school was filled with green and white as everyone wore their Eureka colors. Senior Bailey Gourley showed her spirit with her softball jersey and beads.  

“Green and white day is the most fun because it’s the day everyone goes all out,” she said.