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Class Games

posted Sep 29, 2017, 5:41 AM by David Tapp

Orange for the Win

By: Madison Schumacher

Homecoming week started off with a bang. On Monday, Sept. 25, the junior class blew the other four teams out of the water to take the title of Class Games Champions.

To some people, class games may be something completely new. Class games are competitions between the four high school classes and the faculty. This can be done outside or inside, and the games vary based on the Homecoming theme.

Students wore class colors to school that day, so the bleachers in the gymnasium were adorned with each grade level’s colors--freshman in yellow, sophomores in pink, juniors in orange and seniors in blue. The juniors won the battle cry contest, thus proving their orange as the loudest section. When asked if they wanted to do class games again next year, junior Alex Brittain said, “Yes!  It was so much fun and the energy in the gym was awesome.”  

Junior Austin Davis said, “For sure! There will be lots of surprises and we are hoping for back to back wins as a class.”

Class games were held at the beginning of the homecoming week rather than near the end like in years past. Students were asked if having class games at the rise of the week got them pumped for what else was to come. “Definitely! Because it shows people are not embarrassed to support their class. It get’s me pumped for the football game because I want the same energy on the field and in the crowd,” said junior Marah Miller.

“It got me so pumped!  The whole [junior] class was so loud and it was such a fun environment. That got me excited for the rest of the week,” said Austin Davis.

The games were a hit for the participants and the crowd. “My favorite game to watch was the balloon pop because it was funny to see everyone trying to sit on balloons and pop them,” said junior Kelsey Kupferschmid.

With the homecoming theme being Dr. Suess, Miss Zeman and the sophomore officers based all the games off of different Dr. Seuss books. The final relay race had the juniors up against seniors for the final challenge of the day.

“My favorite [game] was the final relay!  [Junior] Roman Bauman ran across the gym with an egg on a spoon, and I think that’s what won us Class Games!  That kid ran fast with that egg!  After Roman was done Brady [Krile] and I did a three legged race. I couldn’t quite keep up with Brady. I ended up falling and Brady drug me across the floor for a couple feet, but we still got the dub!” said Austin Davis.

After the announcement that the junior class had won, the orange fans erupted with excitement. W’s went flying in the air, and pride spread across the junior’s faces.

Juniors take the W
arms in the air juniors.JPG