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Chokers, Chinos and Cold Shoulders

posted Feb 10, 2017, 7:13 AM by David Tapp

By: Ashlyn Sizemore, Journalism Staff

What’s in with the fashion? 2017 has brought back, maintained and refurbished styles from ’16 and has also introduced some new ones. While leggings, fringe, and white converse have remained on the market for a while now, chokers and other trends have made the scene.

Girls are stringing their necks with lace and chains, some with embellishments, others a simple red ribbon. More and more of these necklaces are becoming accessible and can be found nearly everywhere, from the cute little accessory shops at the mall to local department stores. Most of them can be bought in packs of several, with the chokers varying from thick to thin. “Personally I like chokers better because I think they’re more fashionable and they flatter you better,” senior Rachael Meyer said.

Bearpaws and Uggs are in again, along with the whole high socks thing. The whole “if your socks are high enough to tuck over your leggings or skinny jeans, then that is how they should be worn” attitude has weaved its way through boot season and entered converse and sneaker territory. Senior Lauren Rokey is one of these people. “It’s comfy,” she said. “Sometimes I wear fuzzy socks over my jeans. Personally, I think wearing athletic socks over leggings looks good.”

Sweater weather is both classy and comfortable, as guys and gals can stay cozy while looking like they tried. The simple winter outfit of boots, leggings, and an oversized sweater hasn’t changed, and is continuing to give girls a cute and comfortable option. The cold shoulder look has also become big in both shirts and sweaters that expose only the shoulders.

Olives and maroons were a big hit last fall and are continuing to trend well into the new year. “I think maroon is a really simple color and it looks good on just about anyone,” Parker Williams said. Pinks and creams have dominated as well, and are surfacing once again as spring approaches.

Hair has moved in several different directions, but probably one of the most well-known trends is that of the little ponytails and buns worn on top of the head. Whether you are trying for a fancy look or are running late and don’t have time to fix your hair and leave it down, the bun/pony allows you to pin up a small section of hair without doing all of it. Sophomore Sophie Halpin said, “I wear my hair like that because I did it once and it looked cool. Whenever I don’t want to put it all up, I don’t want to leave it down, so halfway up looks good and helps keep my bangs out of my face.”

Males are looking stylish, too. The stylish guys are sporting their joggers and chinos, a continuation of the previous year. The new highlight is a combination of the two, joggers that look like chinos or have the feel and appearance of khakis. “I like how they fit, the insides are padded and they look cool,” senior Cyrille Mbah said. “It’s a different spice; no one really dresses up in Eureka, but I like dressing up.” As the year progresses, these styles will be popping up all over as they are making their way into our wardrobes.