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Bubbles! Class Games

posted Sep 29, 2015, 1:04 PM by Courtney Lowe   [ updated Sep 29, 2015, 1:11 PM ]

By: seniors Sydney Swords & Amber Sanders

“I believe that we will win!” shouted the senior class, led by Travis Dietrich, as they watched their peers bounce off of each other. Class Games, hosted by Karie Rieke and the sophomore class on Wednesday, Sept. 23, were a little different this year; the students and faculty played a new game known as Bubble Soccer. In this game, the crowd observed as the participants climb into a large, round ball and hung on to the inside handles for dear life. Once all the players were ready, the ball was thrown into the field, and that’s when the chaos began. Students ran from all angles trying to kick the ball towards their goal, while trying not to get knocked over by the other giant bubbles.

The crowd was shouting with pride as they pumped up their classmates hoping for a victory. In an intense battle for the win, the seniors demolished the freshmen. Following that game, the sophomores were defeated by the juniors. Stakes were high as the final championship game was beginning to commence. All upperclassmen were on their feet as the ball was thrown onto the field.

“We played better,” junior soccer player, Daniel Grady, stated. “We did surprisingly well.” Grady watched but did not play.

The juniors ended up  winning the soccer game, but the seniors were thought to have had the most spirited fan section. From the Dietrich-led chant, “I believe that we will win,” which consisted of repeating that phrase multiple times with enthusiasm, to the cheerleaders leading the crowd in “Pump it Up,” the seniors were the loudest and most continually spirited throughout the games.

After the student vs. faculty game, senior class sponsor Courtney Lowe announced the homecoming court. The female side of the senior court consisted of Micaela Wiegand, Kylie Ott, Mercer Mack, Miah Hirstein, and Catherine Argo. The male senior attendants were Lane Young, Jason Folkerts, Travis Dietrich, Wade Roberts, and Grant Knepp. As all the attendants were announced, the stands cheered as Travis Dietrich and Mercer Mack were announced as the 2015 Homecoming King and Queen. The crowd went crazy as good friends Mercer and Travis smiled from ear to ear.