Tie Tuesday

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Tie Tuesday

By: Sophia Meister

It's always professional to wear a tie, but is this level of suave appropriate in school? Absolutely! Tie Tuesday is a student operated activity that started last year when seniors Ben Kruger, Kade Schoch, Titus Williamson, Aaron Leman, Daniel Grady, and graduate Jaron Maddox decided that Eureka High School needed some more class. It mostly spread by word, and students were curious as to why so many peers looked so smart on Tuesdays. One of Eureka’s fashionably dressed freshmen, Nathaniel Aikman said, “I like looking good on Tuesdays, I like ties, and Ben Kruger inspired me to do it. We are good friends and he’s the one who made me want to do it.”

Tuesday is that awkward day of the week; why not spice it up a bit? “It’s the fact that you can look good, and it makes me feel better. There are studies that show that the better you feel during a test, the better you do,” sophomore Wyatt Moser reflected. Students who regularly participated could all agree that they felt more confident sporting their sophisticated style.

“It’s really fun to make memories with all your friends that come and wear ties at school.” Sophomore Roman Bauman expressed the importance of a lasting impression on the student body. “I think that it’s going to build memories that we're going to have twenty years from now at our class reunion.”

So gather your squad to look “on point” on Tuesday. Not just guys can wear ties, anyone can! Students, faculty members, even your cat look elegant with a tie. Dress for success, as the saying goes. “Just put a tie on,” sophomore Connor McClain encouraged. “Put a button down shirt and a tie on, and see how it goes…see if you like it.”

Poetry Out Loud

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Let’s Get Loud

By: Kate McCabe

Poetry: the language of love, passion, and expression. Recently, the sophomore class has been studying this emphatic language by participating in the annual Poetry Out Loud contest. Poetry Out Loud is a competition put on by The Poetry Foundation and The National Endowment for the Arts to encourage high school students to learn and explore poetry. Each student in the English 2 classes selected a poem from the eligible works available on the Poetry Out Loud website. They were required to memorize their poems and recite them in front of their peers. Scores were based on their physical presence, voice and articulation and dramatic appropriateness. Additionally, students were judged on their

evidence of understanding and overall performance.The participants who received the highest scores in their class advanced to the finals round.

Of the finalists, one student was chosen from all of Ms. Lowe’s classes, while another student was chosen from all of Ms. Zeman’s classes. These two students progress to the Regional contest in Springfield where they will compete to ultimately earn a generous scholarship, which is awarded to the winner of the state competition.

This year, Kyle Johnson and Abbey Skelton were chosen to represent Eureka High School, with Macy Littell as the alternate.

Abbey’s poem, “The Obligation to Be Happy” by Linda Pastan, is about continually pursuing happiness despite the hardships of life. Abbey, a captain of the dance team, not only connects to her poem personally, but also understands the difficulty in trying to motivate and instill happiness in others. Reflecting on her experience so far, Abbey revealed, “My favorite part was really getting to show my classmates how hard I had worked, when I stood up and performed my poem.”

Contradictory to Abbey’s more optimistic selection, Kyle’s poem, “The American Soldier” by Philip Freneau,  brings to light harsh realities, focusing on the underappreciation of veterans. Providing insight as to why he chose this poem, Kyle commented, “I feel very strongly about patriotism, what the soldiers of this country stand for and what they do. It really resonates with me. This poem talks about veterans and the underappreciation of them, and I see that as an issue in today's society.” His favorite part was watching his peers perform.

As the competition draws nearer, Abbey continues to practice her poem and shares her thoughts on Regionals: “I'm nervous, but I feel prepared.” Additionally, about the upcoming Regional, Kyle stated, “I think it's a great opportunity, and I look forward to it.”

The Regional takes place on Thursday, February 23 in Springfield at the Hoogland Center for Performing Arts at 4:00 PM.

Make sure to show your support and wish both competitors luck as they compete in two days!

Indoor Soccer

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Keep on Kickin’

By: Logan Kennell

For Eureka High School soccer players, soccer is often a year round sport that moves indoors for the winter. Every year, some of the players make a team and join the Morton Park District Indoor Soccer League in Morton. This league is composed of teams in the Peoria area such as Washington, Morton, Tremont and others. There are three sessions, each being six games over two months, that start in November and end in April.

For the session that has just ended and the one starting February 26, the team is called It’s about to get Messi, named after famous soccer player Lionel Messi. Senior Kade Schoch, captain and creator of the name, named the team after his hero. “Coming up with a team name is part of the fun. I came up with It’s about to get Messi because it is fun and most of our team loves Messi.”

The team is composed of nine EHS students who enjoy playing soccer. While most of the players played soccer in the fall with the school, indoor is just a way to continue playing; for senior Tommy Standish, indoor soccer is a way to be able to get back to a sport he loves. “I played soccer up until high school in which I decided to do cross country instead. I really missed soccer though, and indoor has given me the ability to play again. I really enjoy playing and it is a great way to spend a few hours of my Sunday evenings,” he said.

While many stereotype soccer as being slow-paced, low scoring and boring, none can say the same about indoor soccer. Played on a field similar to the shape of a hockey rink, the games are up tempo and high scoring. “I like how the field is smaller so the play of the game moves faster. Goals are scored more often and it makes the game more fun to play,” said sophomore Gavin Ludeman.

Another major difference from outside soccer is that in indoor, the sidelines lined with dasher boards and a net above. The ball is in play unless it hits the net, so for skilled indoor players like junior Hunter Miller, the boards can be used to their advantage as they try to get past a defend or create a scoring opportunity. “I like kicking the ball off the walls to make scoring chances. Having the walls also allows you to not have to worry about passing it out of bounds so you can focus on movement and making the correct pass.”

Come out to support the team for their first two games Sunday, February 26 at 8:30 and 9:15. Games are played at the Recreation Center/Indoor Soccer Facility in Morton.

Scholastic Bowl

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                                                                Buzzing Through the Season

                                                                        By: Gracie Hart

There’s no doubt that Eureka High School has had success with the change from the Cornbelt Conference to the Heart of Illinois Conference. Teams are succeeding in their seasons and are having impressive records to show for it. Both JV and Varsity Scholastic Bowl seasons haven’t been any different. Up to this point in their season, Varsity Scholastic Bowl has only lost one match in the HOIC and “are positioned very well for the tournament coming up on February 25,” explained varsity coach, Ms. Bertschi.

On Thursday, February 9, the varsity team took on a fierce Blue Ridge team at LeRoy. The match was close, and the winner was determined after a double tie-breaker. After many intense questions and a stress-filled round, Eureka was defeated by one question. Senior Caleb Dalfiume commented, “We were losing to start with, but then came back at the end to tie it and go into overtime. We ended up losing, but it was tight the whole game.”

The varsity team is led by starters, Caleb Dalfiume, Nick Knappenberger, Trevor Smith, Alex Sweeney and Jacob Baldwin with Caleb Dalfiume as the team’s captain. “As a captain, I listen to what the other team members think the answer is and then I choose the one I think is right,” he said. Team members Kelly Knapp, Emma Wierenga, Katie Kruger, Don McFarlin and Sam Metcalfe also contribute to the success of the Hornets in the HOIC.

The teams also participate in the Peoria Area League- a league that includes large schools from Peoria and the surrounding area. The large schools challenge them and help them prepare for top-notch teams such as Blue Ridge in the HOIC. Ms. Bertschi expressed that the teams enjoy “playing against the larger schools like Richwoods and Washington because they really help up our play.”

The JV Scholastic Bowl has also had an impressive season. They recently played in the Roanoke-Benson Rocket Invitational and placed third overall. “It got tense in the last match because we were up against Blue Ridge. It went into overtime and I was actually the one to answer the question to win the match,” sophomore and team captain, Josh Irvin, mentioned. That one question earned them a third place trophy and a win over a top-ranked Blue Ridge team.

In the next couple weeks, both the varsity and the JV teams will be wrapping up their regular season play. The varsity team will compete in both the HOI conference and PAL conference tournament and then will move on to Regionals, but before those meets, they are hosting a home HOI meet this Thursday, February 16. They hope to continue their success in all their upcoming meets and go as far as they can in postseason play. Regardless of their results at the end of the season, it is safe to say that both teams had a great year as a first year member in the HOIC.

Come support the Hornets this Thursday!!

Chokers, Chinos and Cold Shoulders

posted Feb 10, 2017, 7:13 AM by David Tapp

By: Ashlyn Sizemore, Journalism Staff

What’s in with the fashion? 2017 has brought back, maintained and refurbished styles from ’16 and has also introduced some new ones. While leggings, fringe, and white converse have remained on the market for a while now, chokers and other trends have made the scene.

Girls are stringing their necks with lace and chains, some with embellishments, others a simple red ribbon. More and more of these necklaces are becoming accessible and can be found nearly everywhere, from the cute little accessory shops at the mall to local department stores. Most of them can be bought in packs of several, with the chokers varying from thick to thin. “Personally I like chokers better because I think they’re more fashionable and they flatter you better,” senior Rachael Meyer said.

Bearpaws and Uggs are in again, along with the whole high socks thing. The whole “if your socks are high enough to tuck over your leggings or skinny jeans, then that is how they should be worn” attitude has weaved its way through boot season and entered converse and sneaker territory. Senior Lauren Rokey is one of these people. “It’s comfy,” she said. “Sometimes I wear fuzzy socks over my jeans. Personally, I think wearing athletic socks over leggings looks good.”

Sweater weather is both classy and comfortable, as guys and gals can stay cozy while looking like they tried. The simple winter outfit of boots, leggings, and an oversized sweater hasn’t changed, and is continuing to give girls a cute and comfortable option. The cold shoulder look has also become big in both shirts and sweaters that expose only the shoulders.

Olives and maroons were a big hit last fall and are continuing to trend well into the new year. “I think maroon is a really simple color and it looks good on just about anyone,” Parker Williams said. Pinks and creams have dominated as well, and are surfacing once again as spring approaches.

Hair has moved in several different directions, but probably one of the most well-known trends is that of the little ponytails and buns worn on top of the head. Whether you are trying for a fancy look or are running late and don’t have time to fix your hair and leave it down, the bun/pony allows you to pin up a small section of hair without doing all of it. Sophomore Sophie Halpin said, “I wear my hair like that because I did it once and it looked cool. Whenever I don’t want to put it all up, I don’t want to leave it down, so halfway up looks good and helps keep my bangs out of my face.”

Males are looking stylish, too. The stylish guys are sporting their joggers and chinos, a continuation of the previous year. The new highlight is a combination of the two, joggers that look like chinos or have the feel and appearance of khakis. “I like how they fit, the insides are padded and they look cool,” senior Cyrille Mbah said. “It’s a different spice; no one really dresses up in Eureka, but I like dressing up.” As the year progresses, these styles will be popping up all over as they are making their way into our wardrobes.

Fight for Life Garage Sale

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Fight for Life Garage and Bake Sale!

Sponsored by Key Club

By: Dani Blankenship

Every penny, every item and every minute counts when it comes to Fight for Life. Raising money is starting to blossom throughout the upcoming months of February and March. Student Council, FFA, Key Club, and many other organizations are working together to raise more money than ever before! Last year they raised an astonishing $42,000, and this year they hope to raise ever more. Key Club is aiding their cause by hosting a Garage Sale and Bake Sale on Saturday, February 25 from 9:00-1:00 PM in the EHS cafeteria.

Spring is just around the corner, so start spring cleaning now! Just stop by Mrs. Whisker’s room and drop off the items you want to donate. Your donation will help to support the children of St. Jude and help to raise awareness for the organization. But that’s not all! Do not forget to show up for the day of, to find some treasures of you own. In fact, you never know what you may find.

Mrs. Whisker, Key Club advisor, commented on this fundraiser. “This was something that we have never done before, however we are excited to see how much money we raise. We thought it would be a great idea to help Student Council.”

They hope to see many individuals donating to the cause. From clothes, furniture, shoes, household items and lots more, the Fight for Life garage sale would like to give back to the children that are impacted by life threatening illnesses. Not only are they selling items, but they are also selling fresh baked goods. The president of Key Club, McKenzie Walz said, “Fight for Life has always been a huge priority to our school and this is Key Club’s way of contributing to the cause.” To join the fight to find a cure for childhood cancer, come support EHS at the garage/bake sale!

Great Day to Be a Hornet

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It’s a Great Day to be a Hornet

By: Annika Myers

Harmonicas. Hornet Pride. Great catch phrases. Joyful. These are just some of the great aspects of Wendy Parsons. Wendy Parsons has been a substitute teacher in the CUSD 140 school district for fifteen years. He could also be considered Eureka HIgh School’s number one fan.

This winter Mr. Parsons was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The schools and community have rallied around him and showed nothing but support. Macy Littell explained, “Mr. Parsons is such an incredible person. He is always happy and knowing that he is going to be my sub just brightens my day.”

On January 30, a girls basketball game was deemed Wendy Parsons night. This night was dedicated to honoring Mr. Parsons and all that he has done in our community. At the beginning of the game, Mr. Parsons and his wife were escorted out to the middle of the court by the girls basketball team. They presented him with pillow that said “You are my Sunshine,” a song that Mr. Parsons will play on his harmonica when requested by students. During halftime the band played a special rendition of “You are my Sunshine.”

“It was so cool to be able to play ‘You are my Sunshine’ because Mr. Parsons plays it on his harmonica during class. It was our way to show how much we appreciate him,” Rachel Meyer stated.

Tomorrow night is a boys basketball game and is another game dedicated to Wendy Parsons. Come out and show your support!

Vocal Valentines

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“Make You Feel My Love”

By: Emmanual Blakes

Roses are red; violets are blue; pink is the color you’ll be, while they sing to you. Vocal Valentines are a special activity for Eureka High School’s Chorale. On Valentine's Day, the select number of students who were accepted into the a-capella group, tour around the school serenading those who bought a Vocal Valentine for a friend, sibling, girl or boyfriend and even a favorite teacher.

How do you buy one of these “Vocal Valentines” you may ask? The week before Valentine's Day, beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 7 through Thursday, Feb. 9 (or until they sell out), Chorale will sell these at lunch.

When you buy a Vocal Valentine, you have several choices to make: 1. Choose the person you want to send it to. 2. Choose the class hour you’d like it sent. 3. Choose if you’d like the person to know whom it’s from. 4. Choose if you’d like full group song or solo songs. 5. Choose to write a personalized note. 6. Choose to purchase a button! A new addition to the Vocal Valentines! 7. And finally, choose the best song for the occasion.

No matter the purpose behind your purchase, Vocal Valentines are meant to brighten the day of the receivers, and by brightening the day of the receivers, the Chorale group will accept the warm feeling in their hearts dedicated to this specific event. A sneak peek of some songs include: “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” “Love Is An Open Door,” and the F.U.N song from Spongebob.

Junior Chorale member Kate McCabe said, “I’m excited to participate for the first time. I think it will be really fun. I hope we are able to make people smile.” Not only smiling but laughing, crying and blushing are all actions that take effect as the members sing out to the loved ones on this very special day.

A multiple-time beneficiary, Parker Williams, stated, “The Vocal Valentine that I received was very memorable. It was a scene of traumatization, and the mixtures between tears and laughter. It was really sweet, but I turned really red.” She added later, “I'm in a glass case of emotions.”

John Keats once said that “Love is two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.” The act of Vocal Valentines are a very memorable and heart-warming moment in the eyes of the faculty, students and Chorale members of Eureka High School. So get yours next week!

Vice Versa

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By: Kaylee Elko and Naomi Kupferschmid

Attention girls! Gals! Ladies! Senioritas! It is now your turn change the social norm of the guy asking the girl to the dance. So that means, pay attention, boys! Gents! Fellas! Senors!

When is the dance? Saturday, February 11 from 8:00-10:30 pm. Where? EHS cafeteria, and admission is only $5 at the door! Even if you want to come solo or with a group of friends, that is okay too! Everyone is welcome to come and get their funk on! Student Council member Karly Lawrence spared some extra information on the dance. “I think the girls should just start asking guys now and just go for it, because that’s what this dance is all about.” She also mentioned, “Some guys think that if they don’t get asked to the dance, they would feel weird just going with a group of friends, but that’s totally okay! Everyone is welcome to come with whoever they want.”

The dance is referred to as “Ice Versa” because a winter dance has been a reoccurring trend at other schools in the area, where it is also known as “Snowcoming.” The cafeteria will be garnished in snowflakes and will be strung with sparkling lights to give the area a bit of winter sparkle. The theme for the dance is completely casual, but you are free to wear whatever you may like! Nonetheless, the Student Council also hired DJ Hymz to electrify the dance floor!

Sophomore Lexi Grober is one girl who has already asked senior Ryan Fogle to Ice Versa. She smiled as she explained her idea. “I was trying to find a way to ask him to the dance where I could do it in front of people and get a good picture, so that people would know how I did it and hopefully get them thinking.” Lexi actually found her idea to ask Ryan off of Pinterest! She made a poster that quoted, “So excited to ask you to the dance that I actually P’d my pants, and actually taped golden P’s all over her pants. Hopefully the way Lexi asked Ryan to the dance lights a fire in all the girls, gals, ladies, and senoritas at EHS to ask a boy to the ice versa dance!

These Girls are on Fire

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By: Keaton Greene

New Year, same team. The girls basketball team continues to thrive into 2017 while ranked #2 in the state heading into the Heart Of Illinois conference tournament. This is the Lady Hornets first time competing in 106th annual HOI tourney, after recently switching conferences this past year.

The Lady Hornets started the tournament with a bye after being ranked number two in the conference standings voted on by the coaches.  

On Monday, January 16, the girls played their first game at Eureka College against the Tremont Turks. The Hornets started off on top and never looked back blowing by the Turks 51-32 to head to the semifinals to at the Shirk Center in Normal, Il.

In the semifinals it was the battle of the Hornets as Heyworth looked to get revenge on Eureka after beating them earlier in the year by 20 points. The game started back and forth as the teams traded points until the end of the first half. Heyworth’s press was slowing Eureka down and forcing turnovers to keep the game close. But after some halftime adjustments by Coach Jerry Prina, the team came back and buzzed ahead to seal the victory in a dominating 54-37 performance. “We talked over how to break their press better which led to easy buckets,” said Coach Prina about his halftime talk.

This then set the stage for the championship game of the 106th annual HOI tourney between number one ranked Ridgeview and number two ranked Eureka. “We were pumped!
We had their scouting report after watching them play before and we knew we were ready,” said senior Captain Sam McKee.

The Lady Hornets started off with loads of energy starting off with a 12-0 leading and only extending it throughout the game. All cylinders were clicking for them as every player was contributing, knocking down three pointers and free throws. Junior Tessa Leman led all scoring with 19 points along with junior Natalie Bardwell’s 15.

The final score was a one sided game with the Hornets stinging the Knights 53-28! “It was cool to play on the colleer court during a fun tournament! The Shirk Center was a great environment,” said Tessa. The girls put on a show in the conference tournament and are hoping to carry that into the rest of the season and make a run in the playoffs.

Join the Hornets as they take on Ridgeview at home TONIGHT!! It’s a special night, as the seniors will be recognized, Tessa Leman’s thousandth point will be celebrated, and Mr. Parsons will be honored. Come to the Nest and cheer on a Hornet victory!!

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